Structure Sensor Pro Overview

Structure Sensor Pro Overview

Structure Sensor Pro: Everything you need to know 

With the launch of the new Structure Sensor Pro, we see many questions rising among our users. Do you have to upgrade and buy the new one? Do you have to update your firmware? Which iPads are compatible with the new scanner? 

Here are the most frequently asked questions, answered for you.

The new Structure Sensor Pro. Credit : Occipital.

Original Structure Sensor, Structure Sensor Mark II and Structure Sensor Pro. What are the differences?

The original Structure Sensor (ST01 or sometimes called Mark I) was the first device designed to work with an iPad launched by Occipital. It offered great accuracy and is easily recognizable by its bright blue color. You can get more information about the original Structure Sensor here.

The Structure Sensor Mark II was the second generation of scanner from Occipital. Combined with our powerful solutions, TechMed customers achieved great results, allowing them to fabricate amazing and perfect-fitting products their customers and patients loved. You can get more information about the Structure Sensor Mark II here.

The Structure Sensor Pro is the newest iPad scanner from Occipital. It replaces the Mark II and has been designed specifically for healthcare. As Occipital sold all of their Mark II supplies, it is now the only scanner available on the market. You can get more information on the Structure Sensor Pro here.

No matter what model you are using, our solutions support all 3 devices.

Should I upgrade and buy the new Structure Sensor Pro?

There is no good or bad answer to this. TechMed 3D supports all 3 devices through its mobile apps. So, whether you have the original Structure Sensor (ST01 or sometimes called Mark I), the Structure Sensor Mark II or the new Structure Sensor Proyou will be able to enjoy all 3DsizeMe or My3DsizeMe features.

Our preliminary internal testing revealed accuracy improvements on the new Structure Sensor Pro, built especially for healthcare. But if you are still satisfied of your actual device, you will still be able to use it and you will achieve the same great results you are used to.

If, on the other hand, you were waiting for even more consistent and accurate results, it may be for you.

Do I need to update my firmware?

Firmware update 1.2 and up only apply to the Structure Sensor Mark II and the new Structure Sensor Pro. It does not apply to the original Structure Sensor (ST01 or sometimes called Mark I). There is no new firmware to upgrade on them.

If you own a Structure Sensor Mark II or Structure Sensor Pro, you can learn how to upgrade your firmware here.

I’d like to buy the Structure Sensor Mark II. Is it still possible?

No. Unfortunately, Occipital sold it only while supplies lasted. It is no longer available. The good news: you can enjoy the improvements on the new Structure Sensor Pro, built for the healthcare industry!

I need a new iPad. Which ones are compatible?

Even if you own an original Structure Sensor or Structure Sensor Mark II, we suggest buying an iPad that you won’t need to replace if you buy the Structure Sensor Pro eventually. Buying a second-hand iPad may be tempting to save money and protect the environment. As the Structure Sensor Pro requires higher specifications than the previous version, just make sure you will choose an iPad that will last as long as possible

A complete and up to date list of compatible iPads is available here.

I didn’t find the answer I was looking forCan you help me?

TechMed’s experienced team is available to answer your questions and guide you through your transition if neededContact us directly if you need further assistance.

You can also get more information on Occipital’s official website here

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