App settings

App settings

Getting started with the 3DsizeMe app

First, make sure the following are always up to date:

·      The iOS version of your iPad

·      The 3DsizeMe app


To download or update on the App Store, you need your Apple ID. Make sure you always have it with you so you can update whenever needed.


For the iOS, you should receive a notification from Apple when there is a new version.


For 3DsizeMe, go to the settings in your iPad. In the left column, click on the iTunes & App Store tab, then on the right, put the Apps and Updates buttons on.

Downloading the 3DsizeMe app

·      Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

·      Go to the App Store.

·      Search for "3DsizeMe"

·      Click Install and enter your Apple ID password.


Once 3DsizeMe is opened:

1.    In 3DsizeMe, you need to access the settings. Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right.

2.    Click on Settings.

3.    Go to the "Scan" section (2nd section) and leave Automatic as for "Scan box placement strategy". This will help improve your scanning experience, plus, you will have access to tutorial videos for the chosen scanning mode.

4.    Go to the "iMed" section (4th section) and in the "Upload target". Choose from Email, Dropbox, Sharefile or OwnCloud, according to your preferences. Enter the corresponding info (account, password, etc). If you choose "email" target, make sure you are using the default "Mail" app on your iPad (white envelope on a blue square logo) and it is properly configured and functional. Other apps like Gmail or Outlook won’t work. To set-up e-mail account, read this article.

5.    You can even enter a default email address to save you time when you submit (see on screenshot):

6.    Make sure that the "Use new iMed format" is turned on (green). This can be set-up below the "Default email recipients" as seen on the image above.

7.    If you want to save your images and videos separately from your scan, you must turn on (green) the "Save images separately". This is the last line of the "iMed" section.

8.    If you are scanning in an environment without an internet connection, you cannot upload your scans. If you try uploading them, they will appear in the menu bar (see picture below). You can clear those files by pressing the “Clear” button in the iMed section. When you have access to internet, you can send the files to yourself. The color indicators on the left of a patient name will help you know if a file has been sent or not (green means “sent”, yellow means “ready to upload” and red means “not uploaded”).

9.    Gravity Calibration: click on the green button Calibrate. This will improve the box alignment in gravity mode. Just follow the instructions. (note that this step is not mandatory if you leave the “Scan box placement strategy” as “Automatic”.

If you do not have a level, you can use a wall combined with the floor.

Just place your iPad as shown in the picture above.


10. Close the ‘‘Settings’’ box by clicking on the big X on top right corner.

One last procedure before you start to scan, we suggest you do a calibration of your Structure Sensor scanner (not the same as gravity calibration, item 4). For that, you should make sure that the scanner is well fastened to your iPad. Go to the App Store and download the Calibrator app if you don’t have it. Follow the instructions to calibrate.


Your 3DsizeMe app is now ready to use!

Before scanning

You may also want to read the 3DsizeMe’s User’s manual or look at the videos available within the app under Tutorials, which can be accessed from the Menu Bar, under More or directly within the selected scanning mode. 


If you need assistance or the manual, feel free to contact us.

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